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Capturing Grandeur: Cinematic Splendor Unveiling the Beauty of the Course and Historic Mansion Clubhouse

Capturing Grandeur: Cinematic Splendor Unveiling the Beauty of the Course and Historic Mansion Clubhouse

Expertly laid out across 300 acres of mature woodland and picturesque parkland, Moor Park Golf Club emerges like a masterpiece, a canvas brought to life by nature's artistry.

With a beauty that traditionally needs to be seen to be believed, strategic content capture helps to tell the story of this distinctive club through the eyes of those who know it best - the members.

The Problem

Tasked with producing a compelling promotional video, our responsibility lay in not only capturing pretty shots but crafting a narrative that will resonate with visitors who may be familiar or unfamiliar with Moor Park. 

For this project, we needed to go beyond showcasing the physical beauty of Moor Park — we had to convey the experience, the sense of community and the overall lifestyle that makes the club unique.

Our Solution

Before, during and after shooting, all shots and contributors were planned and selected with a clear purpose in mind. 

From the enchanting sunrise to depicting the members enjoying the wide variety of facilities, each video element serves a specific role in conveying the narrative of the video and club life. 

The final video takes viewers on a meticulously planned journey, starting with the first light on the golf course and concluding with the sun setting over the clubhouse. 

The sequence isn't a random assortment of shots; it's a thoughtfully curated collection that guides the audience through the stately clubhouse, the spa, tennis courts, and various food and beverage offerings.

This comprehensive approach keeps the story in focus, showcasing Moor Park as a destination that offers a complete club experience.


As described, we have successfully captured the story of what it's like to be a member of Moor Park, going beyond the surface to showcase the rich experiences and sense of community that make it an ideal destination for those seeking a rejuvenating experience in a picturesque setting.

The captured content now presents the opportunity for any viewer to understand the very essence of life at the club and become intrigued to want to experience it for themselves. 

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