Titleist's Engaging Digital Content: A New Approach for Target Customers

Robert Barrow
May 29, 2023
min read

Whilst there has been plenty of coverage about the release of Netflix’s “Full Swing” last week, an excellent content series from one of golf’s most reputable brands may have gone under the radar...

Titleist’s 4-part “We Go Farther” docu-series chronicles the Titleist Speed Project, an R&D breakthrough that drove the resurgence of Titleist drivers on the PGA TOUR.

Featuring cameos from golf’s biggest names and major winners, here are my 4 key takeaways from this series that other brands and manufacturers should take notice of:

1. Leveraging Effective Storytelling

From start to finish, the narrative arc of this content series is clear for all to see.

As we hear from the brains behind the product, genuine people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet, these videos paint a fantastic peak-behind-the-curtain picture of the issues Titleist were facing and what they did to overcome them.

Finishing with two Titleist Pros finish 1st and 2nd in the 150th Open in St Andrews was the perfect place to tie things up and indirectly show off the strides they were able to make.  

2. Maintaining Customer Orientation

When using social platforms such as YouTube, too often brands focus on producing content that aims to achieve viral viewing figures, rather than content that appeals to people who will actually consider buying their product.

With the right balance of insight, equipment jargon and genuine reflections from recognisable players, this content is deliberately engaging for Titleist’s target market rather than simply the TikTok generation.

3. Nailing Production

A 4 part series that lasts just shy of 25 mins is the perfect way to reduce drop-off compared to one long video.

Had a video of this length been recommended to me on the YouTube home page I would’ve likely skipped past it, but through the use of cliffhangers and by structuring the series in this way, viewers have no choice but to keep watching until the end.

With viewing numbers remaining fairly consistent across the series (73k views, 45k views, 36k views and 36k views), it’s clear to see that I’m not alone in having consumed the series in what felt like the blink of an eye.

4. Avoiding Hot Air Marketing Speak

As Steve Pelisek President of Titleist Golf Clubs, says in the series “You can talk all you want, but it’s your product that does the talking for you.”

In this docu-series, rather than falling into the traps of using marketing speak that discerning consumers are all too aware of and now tuned out to, Titleist makes sure that it is their products and the results they have achieved that take centre stage.

Looking ahead...

As golf club manufacturers continue to look for ways to differentiate themselves from each other every time the new season rolls around, it’ll be fascinating to see how Titleist’s digital content continues to evolve over the new few years and whether other brands will follow suit.

Robert Barrow
Senior Digital Marketing Executive