3 Reasons Why An Effective CRM Is The Key To Exploding Your Sales Growth

Loraine Steyn
June 30, 2023
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CRM (“Customer Relationship Management”) software is an imperative tool for most businesses these days because it allows you to manage and track your relationships with your customer.

When used effectively, a CRM system helps you to revolutionises efficiency across the business by:

  • Utilising industry-leading email marketing, chatbot, lead generation, and CRM tools
  • Having one system for all staff to track all enquiries and leads across the business
  • Growing your email database of societies, visitors and potential members
  • Making sales on auto-pilot in the background
  • Keeping your business at the forefront of digital innovation
  • Saving you and your staff time and money
  • Modernises your club's customer-facing marketing

As we gear up to launching our brand new "Golf Response" CRM system for a host of our clients, keep reading to learn 3 key reasons how this innovative approach CRM can benefit you and your team.

1. Revolutionise your internal productivity and efficiency

How you are keeping track of your prospects at the moment?

Are you writing them down on a piece of paper? Managing them on a spreadsheet?

Whatever your process, it likely requires you and your team to manually update the status of each lead, write emails and proposals from scratch, copy and paste contact info into your personal email server etc. etc.

Not to mention the headache when a team member goes on leave. Where was that prospect left? What has the communication history been? So many questions…

This is where an efficient sales CRM comes in. Everything you need to know about your customers and prospects can be organised in one place.

No need to scramble for that piece of paper or figure out if the spreadsheet is up to date. Every team member will be able to see a detailed overview of all communication with a specific lead, allowing them to know exactly where the last conversation was left whilst maintaining a unified brand voice.

Each team member will have the ability to add notes, send messages and assign tasks to each other all in one system - ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

Ultimately and most importantly, you’ll be able to evaluate your team’s progress over time and track where prospects are won or lost, allowing you to plan better for the future, identify key trends and plan for improved future sales performance.

Source: ActiveCampaign

2. Segment your customers like there’s no tomorrow

Imagine you have a list of hundreds or thousands of prospects. How does your sales team know what each prospect is interested in and how likely they are to convert?

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a sales email (which of course we all have), you’ll understand the frustration and potential irritation that goes along with it.

A bunch of emails left unopened in your inbox each week, hoping that eventually you’ll get left alone.

You’re just not that interested!

Avoid this and more by actively segmenting your prospects within a sales CRM.

It gets a little complicated with tags, triggers, lead scores and such, so let’s paint a picture of a simple example.

Meet Greg - Greg is in the market to join a golf membership in the local area and has been browsing the web for possible golf clubs to join. He comes across your website and downloads a brochure. A few months pass and he still hasn’t made up his mind and keeps browsing. Again he lands up on your website.

An automatic personalised email is triggered, asking him if he’s interested in membership, explaining the associated benefits and offering him a free trial round. Greg replies to the email to claim his free round.

In the backend, your sales CRM has been working hard to segment large numbers of prospects exactly like Greg.

Ultimately, the goal here is to provide your prospects exactly what they want when they want it. The CRM system not only allows you to have a better understanding of your prospects, but also allows you to avoid generic communication that could lead to a poor customer experience.

Future unintrusive messaging to Greg, for example, will be about membership - nurturing the relationship with him until he hopefully converts and signs up for a golf membership.

Because the CRM manages all information in one place, your employees will have a true reflection about the customer when they need it, allowing for a more meaningful interaction between your business and the prospect.

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Source: ActiveCampaign

3. Watch your sales go through the roof

When you think about your sales process, are you sure that every lead from every source is followed up on and nurtured?

Are you aware of exactly how your leads are won or lost, from which source and from which sales person?

With so many touch points to keep track of it can be extremely difficult to stay on top of sales performance over time. Even following up on every lead can be an overwhelming task.

By streamlining your internal processes and the way you communicate with your customers, you can greatly improve the profitability of your business over time.

You can see where problems arise and in which stages of your sales pipeline, get detailed reports of your sales team’s performance and improve the interaction of your business with the customer.

All communication will reflect their true preferences making them feel like your business understands their needs.

No more overwhelming lists of prospects or cold calling. The CRM will segment, personalise and automate your messaging so that you can build meaningful relationships with customers that aren’t ready to convert in the background while also identifying the hottest leads that are.

Source: ActiveCampaign

In the end, it’s pretty simple…

Having a sales CRM can be incredibly useful to your business. Not only will it streamline the current process you have in place, but also vastly improve your customer relationships and experience - not to mention making the lives of your staff that much easier and efficient.

At the end of the day, you’ll be able to have a holistic view of how your sales team operates, their performance over time and the overall profitability of your sales pipelines.

Every prospect will be nurtured and tracked ensuring that you are constantly improving your internal processes for increased ROI.

Sound like a no-brainer right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and if you have any questions about our brand new golf CRM system, Golf Response, feel free to ping us a message.

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Loraine Steyn
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