5 Reasons Why Webflow Is The Best CMS For Your Marketing Website In 2023

Melanje Kahl
June 30, 2023
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The website design and development landscape has changed rapidly in the last few years. Gone are the days where you need teams of developers to build a website. As technology continues to evolve, it's become even easier to develop and launch a stand-out website thanks to game-changing no-code/low-code tools.

Webflow is one of the leading, if not the best, tools within the no-code/low-code space. At Albatross, we use Webflow to build and launch our clients' websites. With over two years of experience using Webflow, I want to share 5 reasons why you need to consider it as the CMS for your marketing website in 2023.

Easy to use with a user-friendly editor and intuitive backend designer

Despite an initial learning curve, you can find your feet within Webflow in under 24 hours. The frontend content editor can be compared to updating a PowerPoint presentation - it's incredibly straightforward to make content updates. Additionally, with a backend editor where you can drag & drop structural elements to build out pages, the designer is as intuitive as using Photoshop.

Ultimately, if you have some experience or even just a basic understanding of HTML & CSS, you will get the hang of Webflow quickly. As the Webflow Designer (backend) provides a visual representation of HTML (structure of elements and pages) & CSS (styling of elements & pages).

Little to no technical knowledge is required to get started

Gone are the days where you need a Computer Science degree to build a marketing website. Although it is helpful to understand code (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) to extend what you can do natively within Webflow, it is by no means required.

Webflow recently launched Logic (currently in Beta), which takes building websites up a notch from an automation perspective, removing the need for tools like Zapier or Make. With this new feature, it has never been easier to set parameters on Lead Generation form flows or integrate with your CRM of choice like Hubspot, ActiveCampaign etc.

Great for scalability and allows for flexibility

Regardless of whether you have a 100-page marketing website to build or want to build a few campaign landing pages, Webflow does a fantastic job with reusable Components.

Webflow has a helping community
Webflow has a welcoming community always ready to anwer questions and help out

Like WordPress' Gutenberg Blocks, Components are reusable elements that can be reused across the website. Although the content might change, the structure of the component stays the same.

Components make it easier to build out new pages. Best of all, when you change styles on the master Component, it is changed across the website, which helps to save time and ensures design consistency across the board.

There is a large & friendly community within the Webflow space, as well as plenty of resources

Rest assured, when building a website using Webflow, there's a community on hand to answer questions and help out when needed. On the support side of Webflow themselves, we've recently had to utilise their services and can attest that they get back to you within 24-48 hours once a ticket has been logged.

There are also fantastic thought leaders within the Webflow space that provide a ton of free value and tools for the Webflow community. My favourites are Finsweet, Pixel Geek, Flux Academy, and our friends at Refokus.

A great starting point for beginners is also Webflow's University, with over 16 free courses for you to learn from.

Various use cases and applications

Although we're specifically looking at the use cases for Webflow to build marketing websites, it's worth mentioning that you can further extend Webflow's capabilities by using third-party tools like Memberstack.

For example, look at how Jason Francis built Tiny House, a one-stop shop for all things tiny homes, from cabins, tiny homes on wheels, prefab and modular. He used Webflow, integrated by Zapier with Memberstack and Circle, to create a community and paid membership platform.

Relume Webflow Component Library
The world's largest Webflow component library

Finally, Relume Library is one of my go-to tools that help speed up Webflow builds. The world's most extensive Webflow component library built by Dan Anisse & Adam Mura. They turned their Agency Relume into a SAAS product using Webflow (and other integrations), helping agencies and freelancers to save time and speed up their workflow.

A marketing website building tool from the future

Whether you have a team of developers within your company or you're a one-person show, Webflow can enable more people to build websites with little coding knowledge required.

Considering how effortless it is to build landing pages with reusable components and little technical knowledge required, it's a fantastic tool to use for marketing websites. Anyone can easily make changes themselves instead of waiting for developers, which, as we all know, is not always a speedy process.

Webflow's website
Webflow, the modern way to build for the web

Curious to see what Webflow can do for your business and team?

If you're on the fence about whether you should give Webflow a shot, I'd suggest signing up for a free account and giving it a test drive. You can build a website with up to two pages for free and even host it on a free .webflow.io subdomain.

Melanje Kahl
UX Designer & Project Manager